Research Methodology in English

1.1 The role of business research

1. What is research?

Research is a systematic investigative process employed to increase current knowledge by discovering new facts.

2. What is business research?

Business research is a systematic process of gathering recording and analysing data for aid the making business decision.

3. What do you mean by research methods?

Research methods are the various procedures schemes and algorithms used in research

4. What do you mean by research methodology?

Research methodology is a systematic way to solve a problem. is is a science of studying ow research is to be carried out.

5. What is case study?

The system of draw conclusions from existing information is called case study.

6. What do you mean by hypothesis?

Hypothesis is a statement temporarily accepted as true. it is a tentative assumption drawn from knowledge and theory. it is nothing but a supposition.

7. What is research design?

Research design is a systematic plan to study a scientific problem.

8. What is conceptual research

Conceptual search is a theory based research used by philosophers and thinkers to develop new concepts.

9. What is empirical research?

Empirical research is a research which is generally used by scientists and experimenters.

1.2 Information system and knowledge management

1. What is data?

Data is the raw materials of information.

2. What is information?

Information is a processed data.

3. What is business intelligence?

Business intelligence is the combination of data & information in business.

4. What is relevance?

Relevance is the quality of denoting the data or information either relevant or irrelevant.

5. What is data quality?

Data quality is the degree if representing data in a true situation.

6. What is information system?

Information system is the collection, recording storing and distribution of data ir information for supporting decision making and control system or an organization .

7. What is management information system (MIS)?

The information system which is used by management is called management information system.

8. What is knowledge management?

Knowledge management is the process if creating comprehensive and accessible intellectual capital of an organization

9. What is knowledge?

Knowledge is a awareness if understanding of some one something through experience or education or discovering.

10. What is decision support system (DSS)?

A decision support system is a computer based information system that supports business or organizational decision making activities.

11. What is customer relationship management (CRM)?

Customer relationship management is a process if making good relations between customers and manager

12. What is global information system?

A global information system is an information system which is developed and used in a global context.

13. What is electronic data interchange (EDI)?

Electronic data interchange is the type of exchange that occurs when are company's computer system is integrated with another company's system.

14. What is internet?

Internet is a worldwide network of computers that allows users access to information distant places.

15. What is world wide web?

World wide web is system of computer servers that organize information into documents.

1.3 Theory Building

1. What is Theory?

Theory is a set of general proposition. It can be built either past observation of present logical reasoning.

2. What is concept (or construct)?

Concept (or construct) is a generalized idea about a class of objects that has been given a name; an abstraction of reality that is the basic unit for theory development.

3. What deduction reasoning?

Deduction reasoning is the process of drawing generalization through a process of logical reasoning

4. What is induction reasoning?

Induction reasoning is the process of reasoning where by we arrive at universal generalizations from particular facts.

5. What is research concept?

Research concept is a generalised idea of a research.

6. What is proposition?

Proposition is a statement made from observable concepts.

7. what is hypothesis?

The formulation of proposition for empirical testing a called hypothesis.

8. What is empirical level

Empirical level is the level of knowledge that is verifiable by experience or observation.

9. What is empirical testing

Empirical testing is the examining a research hypothesis against reality using data

10. What is variables?

Variables the empirical assessment of a concept.

1.4 BUsiness research Process

1. What is decision making?

Decision making is the process of developing alternative ways of resolving a problem or choosing from among alternative opportunities.

2. What is Business opportunity?

Business opportunity is the situation that makes some potential competitive advantage possible.

3. What is business problem?

Business problem is the situation that makes some significant negative consequence in business.

4. What is exploratory research?

Exploratory research is a systematic search for knowledge to clarify ambiguous situations or discover potential business opportunities. It is useful in new product development.

5. What is descriptive research?

Descriptive research is the method of finding out research question. It is the later stage of decision making.

6. What is casual inference?

Casual inference is a conclusion that when one thing happens. another specific thing will follow.

7. What is absolute casualty?

Absolute casualty means the cause which is necessary and sufficient to bring about the effect.